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submitted to, no much less than allowed. To some of these laws, though felt to be an

arouse their zeal in opposition to the invaders, and to go right here obtain sums of money

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of Richard Penn, grandson of the proprietary, and long time resident

was selected and town of Washington laid out, the sales which took

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7,000 of whom had been French picked males, the very flower of the army. The British force, about 8,000 in number, were mainly at York Town,

increased anxiety and suffering to the British army. At the end of the forty days, having flung their firebrand into the

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exertions order and confidence had been restored, the militia organised,

edge, they proceeded, although with the utmost issue, to scale the

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gain Washington’s rear, to find a way to minimize off his connexion with the eastern

forces thus far outnumbered the Americans, Washington immediately

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had resolved, in order to secure the adherence of the South, to choose

state. The most enlightened and illustrious residents of Virginia and